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A New Edition of Seyasat: Special Seyasat Edition on 50 years after Al-Naksa


A new edition of Seyasat periodical was recently published by the Institute of Public Policies (IPP) focusing on the 50th anniversary of Al-Naksa (the war of 1967) and its impact and consequences on the Palestinian cause, its society and national movement, alongside tools of resistance, opposition and resilience that Palestinians developed.

 The edition opens with a study by Gaza based researcher Mohsin Abu Ramadan about the 50 years old trajectory of the struggle under occupation, while political science lecturer at Birzeit University Emad Ghayatha tackles the impact of 1967 war on the Palestinian national movement.

 In addition, Seyasat’s latest edition includes research by Ahmad Issa titled “The Palestinian cause under the Trump era”, and another by Ikram Omar about the Palestinian government’s policy to build industrial zones in the West Bank.

 This edition features three articles about the consequences of the Naksa in June 1967 on the Palestinian national cause; Dr. Ali Jarbawi, lecturer of political science at Birzeit University and former minister, writes about the other face of Al-Naksa, while journalist Hasan Khader writes about the future of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and researcher Amir Daoud discusses incarceration as a means of oppression in an article titled “Lights shed on the time of a detainee.”

 Furthermore, a roundtable discussion with a number of researchers and writers was conducted in order to discuss the status quo and the Palestinian national project after 50 years of occupation. The roundtable was facilitated by Seyasat editor in chief Ater Abu Seif, researcher and writer Bassam Darwish, Palestinian national movement specialist Nabil Al-Katri, and researcher and activist Kamal Abu Shaweesh.

 In the edition’s public policies section, researcher Ahmed Ghuneim presents a study titled “Local Governance on the national policies agenda” in which he explains the situation of local government and how to improve it. The edition further includes a study by Ahmad Okasha under the title “The future of the Arab World in light of sectarian economy” in its international policy section.

 The edition also presents a book by former detainee Mohammad Abu Shaweesh titled “Before the death of the executioner”, in which he reflects on his personal, diverse and rich experience in life and struggle under occupation while living in Al-Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip and later as a detainee in Israeli jails.

 In its introduction, Seyasat’s new edition says “the occupation has not passed by unnoticed. The Palestinian people have innovated means of resistance. It was a long journey of sacrifice that has never stopped, and has come at high cost. It is a journey worthy of proper documentation by the national movement, honoring those sacrifices. Also, universities and research centers must work to analyze the experience and write about it. Seyasat in this edition that focuses mainly on the 50 years of occupation is trying to humbly contribute to this documentation. But more contributions are needed because the occupation is still ongoing.” 

This edition has been published in cooperation with the 
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) 

The responsibility for the publication's content solely lies with its authors. It does not necessarily reflect the views of IPP and FES."